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We are a social impact, sustainable development, and multi-stakeholder collaboration consultancy.

The power of Good Collaboration

Day Four Projects is dedicated to building strong collaborations between public, private and civil societies influencing global and local change.

Our multidisciplinary partnership practitioners, researchers, facilitators, evaluators, and knowledge translators tackle the complex challenges that cross sectoral, jurisdictional, and professional borders.

Who we are

Collaboration is proving a clear way for us to pool expertise, resources, andambitions to address a common goal. Continuously learning from our experiencesand demonstrating value are challenging to do, but essential to building better partnerships that affect greater change. Day Four Projects provides a clear, easy to follow path to understanding, strengthening and communicating the value that partnerships create.

Georgie Passalaris
Head, Impact Measurement & Management
World Economic Forum

We have had the pleasure of working with Day Four Projects on several projects to help build on and improve our stakeholder engagement with the headspace centre network. We co-designed a program of capacity-building for online engagement and Communities of Practice for stakeholder engagement practitioners, as well as worked on a project to measure the quality of meaningful engagement we have with the centre network. This work will play a pivotal role in continuing to create sustainable avenues for collaboration and connection – both across headspace National and across the centre network.

Dr Tara Bates
Stakeholder Engagement & Communications Manager