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We are a health, social impact, sustainable development, and multi-stakeholder collaboration consultancy.

Strengthening Good Collaboration

Day Four Projects is dedicated to building strong collaborations between public, private, and civil societies influencing global and local change.

Our partnership practitioners, researchers, facilitators, evaluators, and knowledge translators adopt a systems-informed lens to tackle the complex challenges that cross sectoral, jurisdictional, and professional borders.

Who we are

Collaboration is proving a clear way for us to pool expertise, resources, andambitions to address a common goal. Continuously learning from our experiencesand demonstrating value are challenging to do, but essential to building better partnerships that affect greater change. Day Four Projects provides a clear, easy to follow path to understanding, strengthening and communicating the value that partnerships create.

Georgie Passalaris
Head, Impact Measurement & Management
World Economic Forum

headspace National engaged Day Four Projects to conduct an appreciative inquiry into our organisation’s participation of young people and family to inform and guide our work. We were lucky to have them lead us on this journey with their highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals who hold years of relevant experience in the fields of community development, participation and lived experience. They led the process with clear framing as well as appreciation for the complexities which presented themselves throughout the project. They were adaptable but purposeful with project changes. The review resulted in a range of findings and recommendations that will form the foundation of our participation strategy.

Duré de Winter
Head of Participation & Lived Experience

Day Four Projects was commissioned to help our member-based peak body, the Australian Global Health Alliance, better understand the Australian global health landscape and ecosystem. They have successfully mapped actors, their contributions to global health efforts, and how we are connected to one another via collaborations, partnerships and networks. Day Four Projects has substantially strengthened AGHA’s capacity to communicate strategically to government and external global health partners.

Dr Selina Namchee Lo
Executive Director
Australian Global Health Alliance

Day Four Projects supported us on a co-design process for the social enterprise sector in Australia. They worked with us end-to-end to plan, carry out, finalise, and learn. They helped bring a diverse group of people together and make our time together creative and productive. Their laser focus meant we could navigate the complex - not get stuck - and land on a clear and rich way forward. They're also a joy to work with. If you have the opportunity to harness Day Four Projects' skill and commitment to genuine collaboration, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Jess Moore
Chief Executive Officer
Social Enterprise Australia