DFAT, Australian Volunteers Program

Reviewing Volunteering Infrastructure and Trends in the Indo-Pacific

2023: The Australian Volunteers Program supports skilled Australian volunteers in undertaking assignments in 25 countries. Volunteering infrastructure in partner countries provides an important enabling (or disabling) environment for volunteering efforts. This includes local policies, laws and regulations, as well as local schemes and actors that influence volunteering practice.

To support the program in more deeply understanding this local infrastructure, we collated country volunteering data, along with volunteering infrastructure data (laws, policies, schemes, principal volunteering bodies), and trend data (demographics, sectors, geographies, types, informal vs. formal), in 25 partner countries. This detailed overview of local volunteering infrastructure and trends, is being used by the program to inform the design of volunteering initiatives and policies, as well as contribute to the global evidence base on the latest volunteering practices and trends.