World Vision

Evaluation of Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration Partnerships and Scaling in East Africa

2023: This project supported World Vision’s efforts to scale Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) through partnership-based strategies. In doing so, the project involved: Reviewing existing collaborations that World Vision have supported to scale FMNR through external partners in Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya and Zambia; Identifying elements of these approaches that were successful (and potentially unsuccessful) in scaling FMNR, as well as the impacts of these collaborative efforts to date; Drawing from theory and practice to inform how FMNR partnerships may be supported, monitored and evaluated to enhance their effectiveness and demonstrate their value.

The insights from this work will be used to inform and shape future efforts to implement FMNR scaling partnerships in countries of interest. This review will also help to demonstrate the effectiveness of partnership-based approaches for FMNR, and shape the processes by which future partnerships can be supported, monitored and evaluated.