Platforms and Partnerships

Strengthening platforms and partnerships through continuous learning and evaluation

Platforms and Partnerships

Multi-Stakeholder Platforms and Partnerships (MSPs) are becoming increasingly popular for addressing the world’s most complex problems. Encouraged by high level institutions and initiatives, such as the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, MSPs have emerged as important vehicles for bringing together diverse actors, from across multiple sectors, to collaborate toward shared ambitions and goals.

Today, myriad of MSPs at global, regional and local levels exist – operating in varied content domains, and seeking to bring about change through a range of pathways.

Despite the benefits of continuous learning and evaluation for MSPs, the reality is that many evaluative efforts, including those grounded in results based accountability, struggle to provide meaningful and useful data for understanding and improving MSPs.

Download our practical framework filled with 26 pages of insights, tips, and practical guidance on building successful learning and evaluation systems for MSPs.

With the complex challenges facing us as a global community, the time to act is now. MSPs are proving a clear way for us to pool expertise, resources, ambitions, to address a common goal. Continuously learning from our experiences and demonstrating value are challenging to do, but essential to building better partnerships that affect greater change. As a member of any community, practitioner or not, this essential tool provides a clear, easy to follow path to understanding, strengthening and communicating the value that the partnership creates. - Georgie Passalaris, Head of Impact Measurement & Management, World Economic Forum


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