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This project worked with the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer to support their strategic efforts in scaling a range of complex population health improvement initiatives.

Both agencies were looking to make strategic choices about how to best support programmatic scaling up efforts. Programs varied in their focus, including comprehensive cancer control initiatives, interventions focused on promoting healthy weights, and population health interventions for improving mental health.

In supporting these strategic scaling efforts, the project provided key recommendations on the pathways by which scaling takes place. Guidance was provided on the key roles played by evaluation, strategic partnerships and systematic periods of renewal and regeneration, and how these concepts can be incorporated into scaling strategies.

Techniques included realist reviews, case studies of scaling successes, key informant interviews, and an international workshop of scaling practitioners, researchers and policy makers.

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Willis CD, Riley BL, Stockton L, Abramowicz A, Zummach D, Wong G, Robinson K, Best A. Scaling up complex interventions: insights from a realist synthesis. Health Research Policy and Systems 2016; 14:88:2-16

Boyko JA, Riley BL, Willis CD, Stockton L, Zummach D, Kerner J, Robinson K, Chia M. Knowledge translation for realist reviews: a participatory approach for a review on scaling up complex interventions. Health Research Policy and Systems 2018;16:101.

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