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This project provided strategic support to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health during their efforts to implement and sustain a system-wide change in culture.

This transformation involved a complex set of government and non-government stakeholders, providers of health care and preventive services, as well as academic and research partners. Key to implementation success was the identification of core principles for supporting culture change; identifying contextual factors supportive of change; and distilling practical mechanisms by which the Ministry could sustain change.

The project involved convening and facilitating an international advisory committee of experts in organisational culture change, consultations with key stakeholders, literature reviews, gathering expert opinions, key-informant interviews, and facilitated workshops.

The practical insights gained from this work helped connect the Ministry’s culture change strategy with best available evidence, leading to feasible change management approaches for system-wide adoption.

To learn more:

Willis CD, Saul JE, Bevan H, Scheirer MA, Best A, Greenhalgh T, Mannion R, Cornelissen E, Howland D, Jenkins E, Bitz J. Sustaining organizational culture change in health systems. Journal of Health Organization and Management. 2016; 30(1):2-30

Willis CD, Best A, Riley BL, Herbert C, Millar J, Howland D. Systems thinking for transformational change in health. Evidence and Policy 2014:10(1):113-126

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