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Scaling impact through multi-sectoral partnerships

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Multi-sectoral partnerships have emerged as important vehicles for mobilising the skills, experiences, resources and perspectives needed to prevent disease and improve wellbeing.

Yet the challenges of bringing together diverse organisations, with very different goals and ambitions, are difficult.

This project worked with the Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention at the Public Health Agency of Canada, who was in the midst of creating public-private partnerships for chronic disease prevention. Partnerships included a range of organisations, including non-profit organisations, for-profit organisations, academic institutions and government agencies.

The project focused on supporting the implementation of the initiative, helping partners learn about their partnerships and what made them tick, the factors enabling and constraining their success, and the diverse ways they could understand the value and impact of their work.

Techniques included designing and conducting an agency-wide consultative process, developing a learning and improvement cycle, creating and implementing a quantitative survey, literature reviews, novel data displays, and qualitative analyses of in-depth interviews.

Learn more:

Willis CD, Greene JK, Riley B. Understanding and improving multi-sectoral partnerships for chronic disease prevention: blending conceptual and practical insights. Evidence & Policy 2017; 13(4) 623-645.

Willis CD, Corrigan C, Greene JK, Stockton L, Riley B. Exploring the unanticipated effects of multi-sectoral partnerships in chronic disease prevention. Health Policy 2017;121(2):158-168

Willis CD, Greene JK, Abramowicz A, Riley B. Strengthening the evidence and action on multi-sector partnerships in public health: an action research initiative. Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada 2016; 36(6):101–111.

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