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Silver Chain is the largest provider of home care IN Australia, delivering services to more than 100,000 clients each year across the country. As part of the organization’s commitment to improving ormaintaining the quality of life of its clients, Silver Chain is investing inefforts to better measure quality of life among those receiving care at home. The challenge is identifying which quality of life assessment instruments aresuitable for use among its diverse client base, as well as across its varied portfolio of services and locations.



Working with a core group of internal stakeholders, weconducted a series of national and international case studies of leaders inhome care services – to understand both what instruments are being used withinthe sector, and the pathways by which these instruments may be successfullyimplemented across services. Case studies involved document reviews, as well asinterviews with representatives from six organizations in Australia andinternationally.



This project identified a range of instruments of potentialvalue to Silver Chain and others working in the home care sector. Instrumentsvary on a range of parameters, including their specific area of focus, mode ofadministration, number of items and previous validation studies. A number ofwell-established quality of life instruments were identified, as well as newlydeveloping tools, which may have utility and value for the organization movingforward. These tools are now under active consideration by the organization forfurther testing and potential use.

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