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An evaluation of a community-based animal welfare improvement initiative.

Case Studies

The challenge

The project aimed: 

  1. To improve the welfare of animals (focusing on domestic pets) within a geographically defined area through a multi-component, community-based initiative;
  2. To increase the capacity, opportunity and     motivation of people within the region to participate in activities that improve animal welfare; and,
  3. To generate evidence on the implementation and outcomes of a community-based initiative for informing ongoing program refinement, implementation and scale-up.



-      Document review

-      Stakeholder consultations

-      Existing datareview

-      Development of data collection tools

-      Production ofEvaluation Plan

-      Key InformantInterviews

-      Survey

-      Data analysis

-      Workshop


Solution: we were able to develop a tailored evaluation plan that supported a local team to collect and analyse useful data with a community, and generate findings that could be adapted long after the pilot ended.

The pilot was unfortunately prematurely ceased due to COVID-19, however early insights demonstrated positive results across all elements of the program meeting the needs of the community and generating useful evidence for later programming.

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